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Workers' Compensation

Workers’ compensation laws ensure that an employee won’t lose money while recovering from injuries or illnesses due to an on the job injury when the employee can’t perform his or her duties as a result of the injury.

Every job can involve hazards and accidents can happen no matter what field you are in or what your profession may be. Factory, industry, and construction workers who regularly use complex machinery and toxic chemicals are the most likely to be hurt on the job, but accidents in parking lots or injury from lifting office supplies and equipment also can be work-related injuries.

If you sustain an on-the-job injury, you are entitled to benefits. Long-term, acquired disabilities and diseases are also covered. For example, if you have a pinched nerve or chronic pain due to maintaining a certain position at work over the course of several years, you may be able to collect compensation for treatment. Applicable benefits cover a wide range of disabilities acquired on the job, both short and long-term.

The need for an attorney is so critical in the above stages and in the chance that the employer and their workers compensation insurance carrier will dispute the claims.When you are injured on the job you need to get immediate medical treatment and notify your supervisor immediately. These are essential in order to be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You will also need to complete a claim for workers’ compensation, which you can obtain from your employer.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often take advantage of employees under financial pressures from their injury and desperate to reach a settlement. At Davis, Kessler & Davis, we have handled countless workers compensation cases in Tennessee. Our experience in employment law and workers’ compensation cases will ensure you get the maximum benefits. Keep in mind we do not collect an attorney's fee unless we win compensation for you We know how to help our clients receive the benefits they deserve.

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