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A trust can be a very useful mechanism to protect money from estate taxes and to preserve assets for the future. At Davis, Kessler & Davis, we are knowledgeable and skilled in assisting clients with the creation of trusts that meet their specific needs. We offer more than 8 years of legal experience and understand the new trust laws in Tennessee. Contact our law firm to discuss your needs.

Need for a Trust

A trust holds assets in the control of a trustee but for the benefit of a named beneficiary. There are many different reasons to create a trust and our firm listens intently to our clients to learn their specific goals and advise them regarding the trust document or legal instrument that will achieve their goals most effectively. Trusts can be used for many purposes including:

    To protect assets from creditors
  • To preserve assets for children until they are older
  • To protect the assets of a special needs individual and facilitate qualifying for government programs
  • To designate how assets are spent, such as for medical or educational needs
  • To pass on to survivors without probate or estate taxes

Types of Trusts

There is a variety of different trust options from which to choose. Our law firm works with clients to determine which trust option best suits their needs and explain their options fully. Some of the documents we are experienced with drafting include:

  • Living trust
  • Irrevocable trust
  • Revocable trust
  • Semi annual distribution trust
  • Minor trust
  • Grandchild trust
  • Special needs trust
  • Marital trust
  • Educational trust
  • Life insurance trust

Trust Assistance

Once a client has determined to create a specific trust, we assist with the drafting the trust. We educate and assist the clients with how to ensure trust funding. Additionally, our firm provides trustee representation and trustee services. We have acted as trustee for many trusts and also advise trustees. We advise them on their fiduciary duties as well as assist them with annual reports and claims. If you need quality legal assistance with a trust or as a trustee, contact Davis, Kessler & Davis today.

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