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Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

The attorneys at Davis, Kessler & Davis are dedicated to nursing home reform. Nursing home abuse is becoming more and more common. Nationwide, the number of nursing home negligence cases is increasing. Nursing home abuse can be physical or psychological. It can also take the form of neglect. Whatever the form, abuse of nursing home residents must be stopped. The first step is recognizing the warning signs.


  • Bedsores (also called “pressure sores”)
  • Cuts, open wounds, or frequent bruising
  • Personal items torn or broken
  • Bruises that suggest physical restraints were used
  • Sudden, severe weight loss
  • Jaundice or an abnormally pale complexion
  • Poor personal hygiene or strong fecal/urine odors
  • Fleas, lice, rodents, or other pests or parasites in the room
  • Other unattended health problems

If your loved one exhibits any of these warnings signs, do not assume that the situation will resolve itself or that turning a blind eye will make it go away. Protect your loved one and help protect the loved ones of others.

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