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Child Custody Attorney

For couples with dependent children, determining custody and support arrangements can be the most contentious aspect of a divorce. It is important to have an experienced attorney who can help you reach the most favorable arrangement. In Tennessee, the primary factor the court takes into consideration when awarding child custody and support is the best interests of the child. The courts favor joint custody, but when such an arrangement does not serve the best interest of the child, judges are prepared to award custody to the parent that demonstrates his or her commitment to their children.

Child custody can be a very touchy subject and will most likely stir up a wide range of emotions. Decisions must be made as to which parent a child will live with a majority of the time and which parent has the legal authority to make important decisions on a child’s behalf. Unless the child’s parents are able to reach a mutual agreement, a family law judge will make the decision of child custody based on what is in the best interests of the child.

When the parents of a child are equally fit to take care of a child’s needs both financially and emotionally, then a judge will most likely order joint legal and physical custody, also known as shared custody. Joint Legal custody allows both parents to make decisions together on the child’s behalf and joint physical custody allows for both parents to share time spent with the child equally without setting up a visitation schedule with the courts.

When joint physical custody is awarded to both parents, then both will be deemed the child’s custodial parent. If only one parent is awarded physical custody, even when both parents receive legal custody then one parent will be the custodial parent and the other the non-custodial parent. Regardless of how child custody is awarded, one parent will still likely be awarded child support.

If you are involved in a custody battle or support dispute, we can ensure that your rights are protected, and we will fight to see that you receive a fair and favorable arrangement.

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