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Domestic Violence

Part of any relationship is an occasional argument or misunderstanding; however, when a simple argument turns violent—or sounds like it has—the police may be called. When the police answer a domestic violence call in Tennessee, any physical sign of assault “shall” result in an arrest. That is what the law says, and that is what the police officers are trained to do.

Pressing Charges

One of the most unique aspects of the domestic violence legislation in Tennessee is that the person who has been allegedly assaulted does not need to press charges for an arrest to be made. To prevent an assaulted party from dropping charges or not pressing charges at all because of an envisioned threat from their partner, police must arrest the aggressor for domestic violence charges. Whether the victim desires to pursue the matter or not, domestic violence charges will be pressed when physical assault is present.

Defending Innocence

If you have been arrested for domestic violence, it is critically important that you find an experienced attorney to fight for your innocence. At Davis, Kessler & Davis we have been defending the rights and innocence of those with domestic violence charges for over 40 years, and we have intimate knowledge of the law.

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